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Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to the participation in The StartNXT Ideathon. Agreement to these terms and conditions is a requirement for participation.

This Privacy Policy governs the use of the Site, mobile application and its products and services. All aspects in this Privacy Policy are in coherence with the Information Technology Act, 2000 ("IT Act") and the Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Data or Information) Rules, 2011 ("IT Rules").


The aim of the Ideathon is to identify young and creative students with the most promising innovative ideas, mentor them and provide a platform to translate their idea into a minimum viable product/service and to continually foster them achieve business growth.


The applications for entry into the StartNXT Ideathon shall commence in July 2020 and the last day of submission shall be in August 2020 ("Application End Date"). The exact dates once finalised and other instructions for the Participants will be made available on "" (the "website"). Participants may be required to provide details of themselves and the institution they are enrolled in as indicated on the Site.

Ken42 EdTech Private Limited (the "Organizers") will not be responsible for problems or technical malfunction of the website, servers, computer equipment or any software or failure of any entry due to any such reasons (including any third party failures or interference).

Eligibility Criteria For Participation:

Participation in The StartNXT Ideathon is voluntary. The StartNxt Ideathon is open to all students enrolled in an institution/ university, and with an innovative idea which they believe could translate into a viable product/ service.

It is clarified that employees of Organizers or any associated company of Organizers and their immediate families, persons connected with The StartNXT Ideathon and their immediate families i.e. prize sponsors, newsagents, wholesalers & their agents are not eligible to enter The StartNXT Ideathon. By entering The StartNXT Ideathon, a Participant warrants that all information submitted by it is true, current and complete. Organizers reserves the right to verify the eligibility of all Participants.

The Process:

  1. The Organizers, at their sole discretion, will shortlist Participants’ applications based on the eligibility and preliminary selection criteria and determine the Participant’s eligibility to the next stage of the StartNXT Ideathon.
  2. Participants will be judged by a Selection Committee, as appointed by the Organizers, who have prior experience in the relevant field whether industry or academia ("Selection Committee").
  3. The Selection Committee shall, after multiple rounds of curation and panel interviews, presentations, select the top 10 (ten) most promising ideas/ concepts during the course of the StartNXT Ideathon.
  4. The top 3 (three) winners out of the 10 (ten) selected by the Selection Committee shall be given 2 (two) options:
    1. an opportunity wherein the Organisers would help them set up an entity, fund the entity and provide assistance in scaling the business, OR
    2. a choice to assign all rights, inclusive of the intellectual properties of the idea/ concept developed to Ken42 as per mutually agreed terms

      Further, the top 3 winners will also be awarded prizes, either in cash or kind, by the sponsors. The Organisers do not and will not assume any responsibilities for the prize awarded by the sponsors and the sponsors reserve the right to modify the quantum and disbursement and to make such other decisions with respect to such prize at any point in time during or after the StartNXT Ideathon.

      The details of the fund, prize awarded by sponsors and such other related details will be made available on the website and will be updated from time to time in case of any changes.

  5. The ideas which rank between 4th and 10th place (both inclusive) in the top 10 selected by the Selection Committee shall be recognised by Ken42 and provided certificates for the same. Ken42 shall provide general mentorship and keep engaged with these Participants as applicable and shall mutually decide a way forward with respect to their engagement.
  6. The language of communication shall be English only.
  7. The application submitted by the Participant shall abide by the requirements reflected under these Rules:
    1. Shall not contain any demeaning, abusive, profanity, hate speech, obscenity, etc.
    2. Shall not violate any laws of the land including intellectual property of any party or person in any manner. Each Participant is solely responsible for determining the disposition of any intellectual property rights with respect to the idea presented in the Ideathon.
    3. Shall not contain any offensive, defamatory, indecent, abusive content, pictorial representation or language that can in any manner be deemed as offensive by any section of society or prohibited under any religion or law. The participant shall be solely liable for the violation of the same.
    4. Shall not contain any confidential data, including but not limited to patent details, internal business strategy pertaining to any company. If presented, it is at your sole willingness and Ken42 is not responsible for the confidential information provided


  1. All costs with respect to the participation will be borne by the Participants. Organizers will not be liable to reimburse any expense incurred in connection with The StartNXT Ideathon.

    However, costs associated with travel and accommodation to attend the final event to be held in December 2020 or January 2021, will be borne by the Organisers only for the top 3 winners.

  2. Prior to submission of the application on, the Participant agrees to the following:
    1. The Participant expressly confirms and represents that they have read these Terms and Conditions in relation to registration and participation of the StartNXT Ideathon, the selection and evaluation criteria, details on usage, collection, retention and sharing of personal data.
    2. The Participant further acknowledges and consents the usage of data by Organizers, for evaluation, communication and as maybe required, from time to time, in promoting the objectives of the StartNXT Ideathon. However, for purposes of clarity, it is explicitly stated and acknowledged by the Participant that any submission/ idea / presentation/ information/ documents from the Participant is entirely voluntary, non-confidential, gratuitous and non-committal.
    3. The Participant confirms that they are not breaching any law or violating any third party rights by participating in the StartNXT Ideathon and shall accordingly be liable to the extent as applicable under law. Further the Participant acknowledges that during the course of the StartNXT Ideathon. if the Participant is found to have infringed any third party rights under applicable law or subsequent to exhaustive evaluation, the Participant shall be bound by the decision of the Organizers.
    4. The Participant shall not have a right to object any decisions made by the Selecting Committee and no appeals shall be considered, as the decision shall be unanimous and binding on the Participant.
  3. Prizes must be accepted as described on the website and cannot under any circumstances be transferred in whole or in part to another Participant, replaced by another prize, subject to the discretion of the Organisers.
  4. The Organisers shall not assume any responsibility for any inability to conclude the StartNXT Ideathon or conduct the final event due to situation beyond their control such as governmental acts, act of God, flood, fire, explosion or earthquake, epidemics, pandemics, strikes, lock-outs or industrial disputes.
  5. By participating in the StartNXT Ideathon, or attempting to do so, participants agree not to hold liable the Organisers for any damages that may result from entering or attempting to enter the StartNXT Ideathon.